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BB Ki Vines is the YouTube channel of Indian Viner and musician Bhuvan Bam. The channel was created on in June 2015 and has found widespread popularity throughout India and the world with more than 1,700,000 subscribers and 230,000,000 views on the channel. The channel hosts a wide range of content including videos about situations from family life as well as more random comedic parody situations and musically themed clips. The channel's most popular video is titled ‘BB Ki Vines- | Papa Maakichu |’ and has well over 9,000,000 views as of December, 2016.


BB Ki Vines

Name Bhuvan Bam
Ethnicity Indian
Occupation YouTuber, Singer
Years active 2015 - Present
YouTube BB Ki Vines
Facebook BB Ki Vines
Instagram bhuvan.bam22
Twitter Bhuvan Bam
Snapchat bbkv22

Personal Life

Bhuvan Bam (Born on January 21, 1994) is the creator of the channel, star and writer of most of the videos who lives in Delhi, India. He has a bachelor degree from Delhi University and has had a successful career as a singer and song writer. Although he has achieved much success with his YouTube videos, Bhuvan denies being a comedian and prefers to be referred to as a musician for his achievements in that field. One day he was checking out the function on the front camera on his Nexus and made a film that led to the creation of his now super popular channel.


BB Ki Vines has uploaded nearly 90 videos to its channel as of December 2016 and many of them have reached multiple millions of views. The top ten most watched videos on the channel are summarised in the table below (current December 2015).

Popular Videos

Video Views
BB Ki Vines - Papa Maakichu 9,347,000 +
BB Ki Vines- Angry Masterji – Part 8 8,990,000 +
BB Ki Vines - Angry Masterji – Part 7 7,886,000 +
BB Ki Vines - Mann Ki Baat 7,874,000 +
BB Ki Vines - Valentine’s Week Hutiyapa 6,974,000 +
BB Ki Vines - Examination Hutiyapa 6,348,000 +
BB Ki Vines - Ek Teer Do Nishaane 6,190,000 +
BB Ki Vines - Bancho Ka Break-up 5,991,000 +
BB Ki Vines - Online Dating – Mr. Hola Returns 5,899,000 +
BB Ki Vines - Mr. Hola Returns 5,866,000 +


BB Ki Vines has collaborated with several other performers and YouTube channels to create videos, including TVF and others. He has also performed musical numbers with some well known stars.


BB Ki Vines has worked together with the popular channel TheViralFeverVideos, or TVF, on several occasions. He was a featured actor in the TVF Bachelors series whose two episodes have both been viewed around 5 million times as of January 2017. The episodes featuring BB Ki Vines are “Bachelors Vs Ghost ft. BB ki Vines” and “Bachelors vs Landlord.”

Musical Collaborations

The show has featured videos of some of Bhuvan’s musical collaborations including a live facebook jam session with Vaibhav Boondhu. An upcoming piece has been contracted between Bam and giants AIB and Raftaar which is highly anticipated.


There have been some controversial issues raised surrounding the content hosted on the channel, particularly the use of foul language on many videos. However, the channel's supporters claim it is an important part of the style of the videos and is not intended to offend.

Fake Videos

Many people have tried to take advantage of the popularity by uploading videos with similar content or keywords to try and steal viewers from BB Ki Vines’ channel. Although some of these videos have managed to get thousands of views, none have the popularity of the legitimate videos as they are quickly recognised as fake by viewers.

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