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Carry Minati (born on 12th June 1999 in Faridabad), actually known as Ajey Nagar is a YouTuber famous for his rants of viral videos. His videos are mostly made up of gameplays, photos, clips of viral videos and his astonishing voice. Ajey shot to fame when he uploaded videos like MAKING MONEY WITH BB KI VINES, I WANT A GIRL, ROASTING BB KI VINES, GIRL WITH SWEG on his YouTube channel "CarryMinati". CarryMinati became one of the fastest growing YouTube channel in India when he scored whooping 50,000+ subscribers in the month of July 2016. As of March 2017, CarryMinati has around 110 videos, more than 800,000 subscribers and over 98 million views on his channel.


Carry Minati

Name Ajey Nagar
Affiliation Indian
Occupation Youtuber
Years active 2010-Present
Genres Comedy
Youtube CarryMinati
Instagram carryminati
Facebook CarryMinati
Twitter CarryMinati

Personal Life

As of now (August 2016), Ajey Nagar lives in Faridabad, India with his family (Father, Mother and one older brother) and as he said in his Interview, he is single. He dropped his class 12th with arts stream from DPS, Faridabad and now pursuing his 12th from distance learning.


Ajey Nagar started his YouTube career with his channel "STeaLThFeArzZ" in December 2010 where he uploaded videos of his gameplays, football tricks and tutorials and couple of computer tutorials. STeaLThFeArzZ was not very successful for Ajey so he started a new channel and named it CarryDeol which he renamed to CarryMinati after sometime.

YouTube Channels


STeaLThFeArzZ is from where Ajey started his YouTube career in 2010 when he was in 6th Standard. He started his channel with videos like "MAC TRANSFROMATION PACK TURIAL (BEST)", "fifa 11 patch 1.1" And "swift shader 3.0+2.0 TUTORIAL". Ajey uploaded couple of more tutorials followed by his football tricks and gameplays.

Most viewed videos on STeaLThFeArzZ

Date Uploaded Video Watch
May 29, 2011 swift shader 3.0+2.0 TUTORIAL Click Here To Watch
May 28, 2011 fifa 11 patch 1.1 Click Here To Watch
Jun 5, 2011 how to make fake winrar file Click Here To Watch
Feb 13, 2012 win 8 ultimate extreme edition preview Click Here To Watch
Aug 3, 2012 yash nagarss cover of drifting Click Here To Watch
Jul 12, 2011 zlatan ibrihimovic flick up turial Click Here To Watch

Carry Minati

Ajey started his 2nd channel with the name of "Carry Deol" in 2014 and renamed it to "Carry Minati" later in 2015. Ajey privated tons of videos on this channel for some unknown reason. The oldest video on his channel "CarryMinati" is COD GHOST RANT in Hindi in which he RANTed the game really negatively. After COD GHOST RANT he uploaded another video with the title INDIA CS:GO in which he talked about the problems he had with the game when he played it multiplayer. Then after these couple of videos, he started making RANTs of viral videos on YouTube which were getting him some views but not a lot. That was the case until he uploaded a video titled "ROASTING BB KI VINES", this is his first video which crossed the mark of 100,000 views and after this video he uploaded 7 videos within same month and scored whopping 50,000+ subscribers in the time span of 1 month. As of now (October 2016), Ajey has over 230,000 subscribers on this channel.

Most viewed videos on CarryMinati

Date Uploaded Video Watch
Jun 21, 2016 MAKING MONEY WITH BB KI VINES Click Here To Watch
May 26, 2016 I WANT A GIRL Click Here To Watch
Aug 3, 2016 GETTING FAMOUS WITH BB KI VINES Click Here To Watch
May 31, 2016 ROASTING BB KI VINES Click Here To Watch
Jul 11, 2016 GIRL WITH SWEG Click Here To Watch
Jun 3, 2016 I VERY VERY LOVE YOU Click Here To Watch
Apr 6, 2016 NEW GEN RAP RETURN OF GUJJAR BOYS Click Here To Watch
Jul 6, 2016 BEST PAKISTANI SHOW Click Here To Watch
Jul 25, 2016 THIS IS TOO MUCH Click Here To Watch


3 Strikes on his Channel "CarryMinati"

On 9th August 2016, Ajey uploaded a video titled "THE KISSING INSANITY!!" which was a RANT of a channel named "Baap of Backchod". Within a couple of hours of uploading the video, he got a strike from Baap of Backchod for copyright infringement and this was the third strike on his channel which meant "CarryMinati" could have been banned from YouTube. The other 2 strikes were from an artist "Bhim Niroula" for defaming him. 2 days after the third strike, Bhim Niroula took back both of his strikes for some unknown reason and Ajey was able to continue his channel thereafter.

Pardesi Girl

People started thinking that there is something going on between Pardesi Girl and CarryMinati when she said "We're like friends" in her video REACTING TO ::GETTING FAMOUS WITH BB KI VINES::, at 15:48. But later Ajey confirmed on his Facebook live video that they just talked about using each other's videos for their own channels.


Nazar Battu Productions

Ajey collaborated with Nazar Battu Productions in Roast Of NAZAR BATTU, Nazar Battu - What sells on YouTube? Feat. CarryMinati and Nazar Battu - Bilal and Junaid | Teachers' Day. It's expected that there will be more collaborations between these two channels in future.

BB Ki Vines

Ajey, in his Instagram video posted "Finally made our 'teri meri kahani' cover.. With @rofl_delhite @hawaai_chappal @hawashmi Date done with @bhuvan.bam22", It's expected that there will be a collaboration of BB Ki Vines and CarryMinati soon.

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