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Amanda Cerny (born 26th June, 1991 in Pennsylvania, United States) is a well known YouTube personality and fitness expert who has a popular online following. As of December, 2016, Cerny had over 1.2 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, over 11 million followers on Instagram and nearly 5 million subscribers to her Vine channel. Cerny was a successful model early in her career, making appearances in many published photoshoots, including for Playboy, Health and Wellness Magazine and Sports Illustrated. She has interests in charitable community work and has established the Play Foundation in Haiti that provides emergency supplies to children in need.


Amanda Cerny

Name Amanda Cerny
Ethnicity American
Occupation Internet Personality, Model
Years active 2011 - Present
Vine Amanda Cerny
Facebook Amanda Cerny
Instagram amandacerny
YouTube Amanda Cerny


Twitter Amanda Cerny
Snapchat AmandaCerny

Personal Life

Cerny was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but later moved to Florida where she spent the majority of her upbringing. Cerny later moved to Los Angeles, California, where she currently resides. She has been outspoken about her strict vegan diet and avoidance of processed foods. Cerny believes her eating style in combination with a comprehensive exercise regime is what allows her to maintain a desirable figure. She has a sister named Samantha who sometimes makes appearances in posts on social media platforms.



Cerny was a highly sought after model, appearing in many fashion and men’s interest photoshoots. She has appeared in Playboy multiple times and was named ‘Playmate of the Month’ in October, 2011. Cerny has spoken out against suggestions that she may have slept with Playboy owner Hugh Heffner saying, “He's not some gross guy who is approving girls who sleep with him.” She has appeared on the cover of Health and Wellness Magazine in several issues and has been featured as a Sports Illustrated, ‘Lovely Lady of the Day’. Cerny continues to work as a model in combination with her online career.


Cerny created her self-titled YouTube channel on October 9th, 2011 and it has quickly found popularity with more than 1.2 million subscribers and 43 million views on her channel as of December, 2016. The uploads are light hearted videos about a wide range of lifestyle issues such as relationships and staying in shape. At the end of 2016 the channel hosted 35 videos including “ALTERNATIVE BOYFRIEND USES”, “BOYFRIEND VS BESTFRIEND – Amanda Cerny”, and “GYMLIFE – TYPES OF CLIENTS”. The videos are mainly between 1-5 minutes in length and feature Cerny as the main actor, sometimes with appearances from others.

Most Popular Videos

Video Views
Pokémon Go Relationships – Amanda Cerny 3,359,000 +
Relationships THEN vs. NOW 3,289,000 +
5 Simple Rules for Eating A Banana 2,761,000 +
HOW TO DATE A MERMAID – Amanda Cerny 2,360,000 +
Amanda Cerny 2,124,000 +
THE TRUTH BEHIND DATING – Amanda Cerny 1,886,000 +
7 Minutes Plank Challenge! 1,766,000 +
BOYFRIEND VS BESTFRIEND – Amanda Cerny 1,756,000 +
DIRTY TALK – Amanda Cerny & Lele Pons 1,728,000 +
20 Questions “ALL GUYS” Want To Know About Girls: Answered – Amanda Cerny 1,657,000 +


On 30th August, 2016, Cerny created a second YouTube channel to be dedicated to posting vlogs from her private life and various events. The channel has proven popular with over 600,000 subscribers as of January, 2017, and it hosts more than 100 videos. The most popular videos on the channel provide an insight into Cerny’s personal life, such as, “WHY I DUMPED HER!! TRUTH REVEALED!!!”, with 1,511,855 views, and, “Meet the Cutest Dog EVER!!!”, with 402,319 views. The channel has featured appearances from others such as DJ Mags #1 DJ of 2016, Martin Garrix, and internet personality, King Bach.


Cerny is active on her Instagram account and frequently posts photos and short videos of herself both from professional shoots and more personal shots of her general life. As of January, 2017, more than 1030 posts have been made to her account and it has found a large amount of popularity with over 11 million followers. Photos posted by Cerny normally receive more than 500,000 likes and 3000 comments. Videos are even more popular with most receiving over 5 million views and some getting more than 20,000 comments.


Cerny has a well-known Vine channel where she has uploaded many short clips since its creation in 2013. As of January, 2017, the total number of videos uploaded to the account was nearing 250. The videos cover a wide range of events that occur in Cerny’s day to day life including both real and dramatized events such as, “Just woke up to the best video ever in my inbox. #StartYourDayInAHappyWay”, “When I bump into someone attractive Amanda Cerny #remake” and “When you see a celebrity in real life. w/ Logan Paul, Amanda Cerny”. She has collaborated with several other Vine personalities to make videos including Rudy Mancuso, KingBach and DeStorm Power.


Cerny has appeared in several television roles, making her first appearance in 2013 as Melani, in Hello Ladies. She played Amber Day in the YouTube Red film, Internet Famous, in 2014, with co-stars Shane Dawson, Steve Greene, and John Michael Higgins. In the same year she also was credited in the American comedy film, ‘The Bet’, and the series, ‘Adam Devines House Party’. Cerny was awarded the main role of Violet Adams in the show, ‘P%L Bo¥z’, but as of January, 2017, only one episode has aired.


Fallout with Lele Pons

Cerny used to be good friends with social media personality Lele Pons but the pair eventually developed a bitter feud. Cerny stated that at one point she realised content had been disappearing from her own Instagram and YouTube accounts over a period of 6 months, including photos and videos. Her accounts had also been placed on private so that no new followers could subscribe. Cerny accused Pons about being the perpetrator and eventually confronted her, getting an admission of guilt. Cerny has since stated she believes Pons was jealous and attempting to undermine the success of her career.


Play Foundation

In 2010 a friend of Cerny’s from Miami, Michael Camponi, gave her the chance to get involved with charity work. Camponi and his family were running a program to help support a camp in Haiti as it recovered from natural disaster. The program provides donations of food, clothing and other supplies with a focus on ensuring children were looked after. After finding success as a Playmate, Cerny was able to provide more financial support to the foundation and use her connections to generate funding and donations, establishing it officially as the Play Foundation in Haiti. Cerny hopes to continue to grow the Play Foundation and her management company, Dirty Dutch, has pledged to help her spread it throughout the Caribbean and the rest of the world.

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