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Dr. Sinchan Das,(Bengali: সিঞ্চন দাস) in other words, "Sangeet Ratna" (সঙ্গীত রত্ন) Dr. Sinchan Das, is a physician of Homeopathy, which is a very old method of treatment, besides of being a Homeopathic Physician, Dr. Das is also an intent devotee of Indian classical music. He has made himself as a successful vocalist of Hindustani classical music. And the most amazing thing is that, Dr. Das is Simultaneously efficacious in both field. Sinchan Belongs from the "Rampur Senia" Gharana of Indian Classical, built by the Tansen. He is known for the khayal form of singing, as well as for his popular renditions of devotional music (bhajans and Thumri). Now a days Dr. Das is working with various Biological & Medical researches and in Music therapy. In the field of Indian Classical, Dr. Sinchan is the only person of India, Who is working with the rare raagas. This person is a known Social worker also.


Dr. Sinchan Das

Name Dr. Sinchan Das
Ethnicity Indian
Occupation Homoeopathic Physician

Health Scientist

Indian Classical Vocalist

Years active 1995-Present
Facebook Sangeet Ratna Dr. Sinchan Das

Personal Life

Dr. Sinchan Das, son of Mr. Harendra nath Das & Dr. Susmita Das, was born on the 3rd day of December of the year 1990. lives in Kolkata. this young guy is not only a reputed homeopathic physician, but also a well known Indian Classical Vocalist. after birth up to 3 years he lived in Bardhaman town, with his parents due to the research of his mother Dr. Susmita Das. As Dr. Susmita das herself holds a PHD in Botany. After being completed the degree of his mother, Sinchan was moved to Kolkata, and started his school life. From then still now he lives in The former Capital of India. Firstly was living in Shyambazar area of North Kolkata. After that on the year of 2001, he moved to Garia, which is a neighborhood of South Kolkata. from then still now Dr. Das lives here with his family. This is his residential place.



Dr. Sinchan Das has started his first school in a Kindergarten named "The Blossoms" which was in Bardhaman, He did his nursery classes there, after that when they moved to Kolkata, He took admission in St. Pauls school of North Kolkata for KG1 on 1996. Just after one year, on 1997 Sinchan was admitted to Sailendra Sircar Vidyalaya in Shyambazar, studied here up to Standard four(Class iv). Then the Das family moved to Garia of South Kolkata & Sinchan again changed his school and admitted to Naktala High School, and studied up to standard ten(class X) and passed the Madhyamik Examination. After Secondary examination Sinchan took admission in Boral High School, in Garia and passed Higher Secondary Examination.

By completing a successful schooling life Dr. Das took decision to study Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery(B.H.M.S.). He got admission in Pratap Chandra Memorial Homoeopathic Hospital & College, to be a Homoeopathic Physician & Successfully completed that on 2014. Dr. Sinchan Has got various Awards and honors for an outstanding edge of knowledge and fantastic thought on medical science & Homoeopathy. Now a days he is researching on Genetics.

Musical Training

Sinchan stepped into the world of music at the age of 5 years. Under the loving tutelage of Koushik Bhattacharjee for a span of 9 years, his fondness for music developed gradually and he made it a major part of his everyday life. Sri Koushik Bhattacharjee is the son and disciple of late Pandit Pataki Bhattacharya. Later he took his advance training in ITC Sangeet Research Academy, Kolkata. Under valuable guidance of Pandit Arun Bhaduri, Pandit K. G. Ginde, and Pandit Sunil Bose.

Then Sinchan came under highly inspirable contact of Pandit Samaresh Chawdhury of ‘Rampur Senia’ Gharana and got him as his guru in getting intensive talim in Indian Classical Music. Pandit Samaresh Chawdhury, son and disciple of the illustrious Sangeetacharya late Amaresh Chawdhury, later sharpened his rare skills under the able guidance of the great maestro Bharat Ratna Ravi Shankar.

Apart from his keen interest in classical vocal music, Sinchan likes to play the classical instrument Sarod. He is fortunate enough in having Pandit Kamal Mallick as his guru in this respect. Pandit Kamal Mallick , the disciple of Pandit Shyam Ganguly, took his advance talim from the great maestro late Ustad Ali Akbar Khan saheb.

Sinchan got the blessings of late Pandit Kumar Prasad Mukhopadhayay, late Pandit Pataki Bhattacharya and a number of such great musical maestros like Sri Jatileswar Mukhopadhayay, Sri Prabuddha Raha, Srimati Bina Roychowdhury, Srimati Krishna Singha, Sri Aniruddha Singha, Sri Dhiren Bose etc.

His mother herself being a Rabindra Sangeet singer, has been a mentor to him and has given him her valuable support.


In establishing the nuances of ragas in the ‘Vistar’ & ‘Barhat’ portion, Sinchan made himself quite efficient pointing out a bright future. The ‘Sargam’ & ‘Taan’ parts of his performances, truly defines the ‘Kheyalist Sinchan’ as a successful disciple of Pandit Samaresh Chawdhury.

His ‘Tantrikari’ (instrumental style) is sufficient to point out his own style & to pull the total attention of the whole audience towards him. Gifted with a mellifluous voice & an extraordinary musical talent Sinchan made himself a complete Kheyalist.



  • Dr Willmer Schwabe Bronze Medal for academic excellence.
  • Dr. S. Sen Memorial Award
  • Dr. Jnan Chandra Ghosh Memorial Award
  • Dr. D. N. Bhatia Memorial Award
  • Dr Samiran Banerjee Memorial Award from London
  • Dr. Ashok Agarwall Memorial Award, New Delhi.
  • Received Title "MASTER" {Master (naval)} Germany,
  • "Maestro" I.A.H.S.
  • "Sir", Australia
  • "Chancellor", Croatia
  • St. Merry Memorial Award, Jerusalem
  • "Teacher of the Teachers", West Bengal
  • Golden Crown of Merit, Honduras
  • "Sir Dmitri Mendeleev Mwmorial Award", Russia
  • "The Red Lion Award" Norway
  • "The Finix Award", Rome
  • "The Gustave Eiffel Award" , Paris.


  • ‘Sangeet Ratna’ in Vocal Classical Music
  • ‘Sangeet Pravakar’ in Rabindra Sangeet
  • ‘Sangeet Bivakar’ in Sarode
  • Scholarship obtained from Sarba- Bharatiya Sangeet-o-Sanskriti Parishad
  • Finalist in Golden Talent Search Contest organized by Ravi Kichlu0 Foundation.
  • Prizes & Certificates obtained from,
    • Eekshan
    • Bagbazar Reading Library, Bagbazar
    • All Bengal Teachers Association etc.
    • Wrishi Rajnarayan Basu memorial Award.
  • Guru Basant Mauli Sangeet Samman, Gwalior
  • Sangeet Bhushan Award, Jacksonville, Florida
  • 'Taan Tarang Samman', Agra
  • 'Brijbhushan Samman', Mathura
  • 'Taankar' title, by Pandit Kamal Mallick.
  • 'Taan Samrat' samman, United States
  • 'Sangeet Shiromoni' samman,
  • 'Sangeetacharya'
  • Emperror of music award, Norway
  • The Dark Horse award, United Kingdom
  • The Gramophone Award, Sweden
  • 'Saraswat Samman' Australia
  • 'Surasagar' Samman, Munger
  • 'Mayur Samman', Pennsylvania
  • 'Taaj Samman', Agra
  • 'Voice of God Award', Switzerland
  • Ustad Vilayat Khan Sangeet Samman, California


  • Pt. Kamal Mallick Memorial Indian Classical Music Programme 2, Kolkata
  • Bengal Cultural Festival, Jharkhand, India
  • Shibpur Ranjini organized Indian Classical Music Concert
  • Basanta Utsav, Nabadwip, West Bengal, India
  • Bhawanipur Sangeet Sammelon, Kolkata
  • 150th Birthday ceremony of Swami Vivekanada at the house of Vivekananda, Kolkata
  • 150th Birthday Ceremony of Swami Vivekannda at Ramkrishna Mission, Garia, Kolkata
  • Bangladesh Cultural Festival
  • Pandit Bhimsen Joshi Memorial Programme at 24 hours TV
  • ‘Gaane Rabindranath ‘at Nehru Children’s Museum, Kolkata
  • Mathura Sangeet Sammelon, Uttar Pradesh, India
  • Brindavan Sangeet Sammelon, Uttar Pradesh, India
  • Bardhaman Utsav, Bardhaman, West Bengal, India
  • Pt.Nikhil Banerjee Memorial Programme, Kolkata
  • Charukeshi presents Felicitation programme of Pt. Kamal Mallick, Kolkata
  • Rhythm Presents Felicitation programme of Pt. Tarak Saha, Kolkata
  • Lahari presents Felicitation of Pt. L.M. Balasubhramanyam, Kolkata
  • Gwalior Music Conference, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India.
  • Suranjali Music Festival, USA.
  • Agra Cultural Festival, Agra, India.


A classicist by training, and temperament, Dr. Sinchan Das is renowned for having evolved an approach that sought to achieve a balance between what may be termed as "traditional values and mass-culture tastes" and as such he goes on to have supposedly the largest commercially recorded repertoire in Hindustani vocal music. Das's iconic status in the music world has earned him a whole generation of "Tantrikaari" who by merely listening to him have picked up his style and not through any formal tutelage. His greatest endeavour in perpetuating his legacy could be that, he is a successful person to reach to the mob, to the huge population of India, who are the middle class and lower middle class people, to pin the colour of Indian Classical among them, by promoting some certain music culture.


Album Year Type
"LOTUS", Raag Madhubanti & Raag Kalawati 2011 Indian Classical
"SPECTRUM", Tagore songs based on Raagas 2016 Rabindra Sangeet

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