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Harsh Beniwal (born on February 13th 1996) is a popular actor and Viner, residing in New Delhi, India. Beniwal uploads regular videos, generally of a comedy style and of short length. He is active on all social media platforms and has hundreds of thousands of followers. His Instagram channel in particular is well known for the Vine style videos he posts there.


Harsh Beniwal

Name Harsh Beniwal
Ethnicity Indian
Occupation Viner, YouTuber
Years active 2015-Present
Genre Comedy
Facebook Harsh Beniwal
Instagram Harsh Beniwal
YouTube Harsh beniwal

Hasley India

Personal Life

Beniwal is known to be an animal lover and has particular passion for the care of dogs which he believes should be treated equally as humans. He began undertaking BCA studies to enhance his online career but dropped out in second year. Beniwal is a fan of theatre and has participated in on stage productions during his youth. Harsh always believed he could achieve his dreams but went through a rough patch when first beginning his college education. He credits his strong resilience and ability to self-motivate with helping him to move on from this dark period, saying, “I always found the answer to keep moving on.”.


Beniwal started his online career in 2015, uploading his first vine to Instagram. By 2015 he was releasing videos via Dubsmash and Facebook that were well received initially but quickly lost popularity. This lead Beniwal to discover the ‘vine’ style of video where content is presented in short clips of around 15 seconds in length or less. Even once moving to this genre it was hard to build followers at first with so many competitors in the field. Eventually his persistence paid off and now his videos are some of the most popular of their kind. His videos are almost always in a comic style and feature content about family and relationship situations in an Indian context. Titles of some of his videos include, “Bollywood mom Vs Desi mom” and, “Sixth Sense Girlfriend”.


Harsh Beniwal

Beniwal’s YouTube channel has nearly 25,000 subscribers and many videos with more than 10,000 views giving a total of over 825,000 views. Beniwal often collaborates with other similar channels including Screen Patti, TheComedyHunt and Hasley India. He has currently uploaded over 50 videos to his own channel.

Hasley India

In September 2015, Beniwal created a new YouTube channel called ‘Hasley India’ which hosts comedy and prank style videos. It’s first video in July 2016 was titled ‘Hasley India Channel Teaser’ and featured a preview of an upcoming clip. So far 7 videos in total have been posted to the channel including ‘Future of Pokemon GO in India’ which has over 375,000 views and ‘Spank Ass Prank’ which is the channels most popular with more than 580,000 views. The channel has been popular with over 60,000 subscribers and more than 1,500,000 views in total.


Instagram has been the most successful platform for Beniwal’s videos. He has made more than 330 posts to his account, almost all videos and has more than 446,000 followers. Many clips have over 500,000 views and thousands of comments. As can be seen in the graph below, from December 2015 onwards, Beniwal’s Instagram followers grew exponentially in number and he now receives 2000-5000 new follows per day.

Popular Videos

  1. Every shadi wala dj be like.
  2. Bhai Behn Ka Pyaar.
  3. Haryanvi guys ordering food.
  4. Good friend Vs Best Friend.
  5. Driving with desi dad.
  6. Woh aa rahi hain.
  7. How to scare away ghost part 2.
  8. Boys when they do gym for 1 week.
  9. Ban gaya kutta.
  10. Types of friend part 3.

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