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Lewis Hilsenteger (born 6th May, 1985 in Canada) is a technology expert who has gained a popular following on his YouTube channel Unbox Therapy which has nearly 7,000,000 subscribers as of December 2016. Lewis has also started other YouTube channels such as More Top 5 and works with businesses including Quarterly.co. He has many followers on social media and currently resides in Toronto. Due to his online popularity, a May 2016, estimate put his net worth at around $ 3 Million.


Unbox Therapy

Name Lewis Hilsenteger
Ethnicity Canadian
Occupation YouTuber
Years active 2010 - Present
YouTube Unbox Therapy
Facebook UnboxTherapy
Instagram unboxtherapy
Twitter UnboxTherapy
Google Plus Lewis Hilsenteger

Personal Life

Hilsenteger had a passion for innovative gadgets and new technology from a very young age. Following high school, he attended college at the Toronto School of Art, studying subjects including photography, video editing and a variety of other digital arts that would later help in his career.

Early Career

Lewis’ first business interest was a computer servicing and repair store in Toronto called iUpgrade. To help his customers he began to create some tutorial videos on various computer issues and uploaded them to YouTube. The videos received a good amount of views, leading to the creation of the channels that would form Hilsenteger’s career.


Unbox Therapy

Hilsenteger is most well-known for his channel Unbox Therapy which uploads ‘unboxing’ style videos in which Hilsenteger opens a new gadget or product for the first time and test it out. Created in December, 2010, the channel is now hugely popular with nearly 7,000,000 followers as of December 2016. New uploads regularly receive multiple millions of views within days.

Lewis has tested many different items on this channel including laptops and game consoles as well as many clips about Apple products due to his expertise in that field. He often gets access to products before their release as companies can use the channel to get exposure to a wide audience. The most viewed video by a large margin with nearly 70,000,000 views as of December 2016 is titled “iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test” and demonstrates potential issues with the phone upon its release. The video prompted articles around the world and caused some controversy over its accuracy. Lewis appeared in interviews on Bloomberg and CNN amongst many others.

Popular Videos

Video Views
iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test 69,282,000 +
This Cup Is Unspillable – What Magic Is This? 12,124,000 +
iPhone 6 Plus: The Bend Uncut 10,733,000 +
How to cut your SIM card (Micro SIM, Nano SIM – iPhone 5) 10,260,000 +
Galaxy Note 3 Bend Test (iPhone 6 Plus Follow-up) 8,748,000 +
iPhone 7 Plus – Hands On With Prototype 8,308,000 +
N-Control Avenger for PS3 Controller Unboxing & First Look 8,258,000 +
The 4 Dollar Android Smartphone 7,453,000 +
The Secret Android Button 7,318,000 +
$1000 Earphones! (Shure SE846 Unboxing & Test) 6,877,000 +

Controversy Over iPhone Test

After his channel uploaded a video showing that an iPhone 6 Plus could be easily bent out of shape, many claimed that Lewis was making false allegations in the clip. Accusers picked up on the fact that the time shown on the phone appears to jump forwards at one point in the video, suggesting that this means Hilsenteger may have edited in the bending effect altogether. Lewis responded to this claims by uploading an unedited version of the video, quickly dispelling any doubts. The fallout from the video prompted Consumer Reports to release statements that the force required to bend the phone was indeed very low.

Collaboration with Ali-A

In February, 2013, Lewis uploaded a video to his Unbox Therapy channel titled, “Ali-A’s Gaming Setup & Room Tour (Epic Setup)” in which he takes viewers on a tour of the gaming area of YouTube personality Ali-A. Lewis analyses the setup in the normal Unbox Therapy Style and explains what the individual products involved are. The video has been well received with over 50,000 likes from its 3,502,669 views as of December 2016.

More Top 5

In January, 2014, Lewis created a new channel called More Top 5 which provides videos containing lists of the top 5 ranked items in a particular field. Topics such as ‘Top 5 Most Expensive Homes!’ and ‘Top 5 Highest Grossing Movies All Time!’ are hosted on the channel which has nearly 400,000 subscribers as of December 2016. The most popular videos on the channel have over 1,000,000 views. Lewis has not been active on this channel as of late, with the last upload occurring around a year ago.

Social Media

Lewis is active on all social media platforms, particularly on Instagram and Twitter. His Instagram account features professional photos of the gadgets that he reviews and he often appears in the images. The account has 848,000 followers and has made more than 2,402 posts as of December 2016. Lewis mainly uses Twitter to announce the uploading of new videos or the release of new products and has over 1.16 Million followers as of December 2016.


Quarterly.co is a site that allows users to subscribe to receive monthly packages whose contents have been selected by a celebrity or expert in a certain field. Hilsenteger has worked with the site in the past, curating packages containing new and exciting gadgets that have often been featured on Unbox Therapy.

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