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Love Rudrakash, officially started in June 2014 by Love Solanki is a YouTube channel famous for awkward street interviews, social experiments and for pranks. Love started this channel with the name "Love Rudrakash & Khushi" but renamed it to "Love Rudrakash" when Khushi left the channel. The first video to get viral on Love's channel was Does Dick Size Matter ? | Delhi Answers | after which Love started making similar videos and scored a good number of YouTube subscribers on his channel. As of March 2017, Love has over 57 million views, around 130 videos and more than 290,000 subscribers on his channel.


Love Rudrakash

Name Love Solanki
Ethnicity Indian
Occupation YouTuber
Years active 2010-Present
Genres Comedy, Vlogs
Facebook Love Rudrakash
Instagram delhi_youtuber
YouTube Love Rudrakash
Twitter Love Rudrakash


Every Saturday, the channel typically puts out one video which could be a prank, a social experiment or a street interview. Love officially started this channel in 2014 with a video titled "Hilarious Act: Boys v/s Girls." which was not a success. Love uploaded 3 more videos before uploading Does Dick Size Matter ? | Delhi Answers | which was the first big hit on the channel. After the success of the first street interview on his channel, Love moved the content of the channel to street interviews adding social experiments and pranks later.


Love Solanki

Love Solanki (Born on 25th November, 1994), also known as Love Rudrakash on social media platforms, did his schooling from Baba Banda Memorial School, Mehrauli till 10th standard, and did his 11th and 12th standard schooling from Guru Harkrishan Public School, Hemkunt colony. Love went for his Graduation to The Amity University from the year 2013 till 2016, He graduated on 12th November 2016.

Pallavi Tiwari

Pallavi (Born on 23rd October, 1995) did her schooling at the same school as Love Rudrakash (Baba Banda Memorial School, Mehrauli) until her 12th standard. She went to The School Of Open Learning - Delhi University for her graduation.


The channel also features other YouTubers like Rickshawali and some of Love's friends like Aishwarya Singh in some of its videos.


  1. Amity, 8th November 2016
  2. Vivekananda Institute Of Professional Studies - Spandan, 26th Oct 2016
  3. IIT Delhi, 22nd October 2016
  4. Become The Next Big YouTuber Workshop - Workly, 16th October 2016

LoveRudrakash Vlogs

Love started his Vlogging channel in December 2014 (1 year after starting his main channel i.e., Love Rudrakash) with the video titled "FirstVlog At Home #Vlog1". Love uploads 2 new vlogs every week on this channel. Love vlogs almost every day of the week so he can put it in a video to upload his Vlogs twice a week. Vlogs on this channel features Love's friends i.e., Khushi, Aishwarya, Titly & Ravinder and his day to day life including his performances and footage from behind the scene of videos of his main channel and events. Love has over 50,000 YouTube subscribers, 5 million views, and over 130 videos on this channel as of March 2017.

Top YouTube Videos

Date Uploaded Video Watch
Feb 14, 2015 MOST DIRTIEST CONFESSION +18 I Delhi I Click Here To Watch
Sep 6, 2014 Does Girls Boobs Size Matter ? I Indian Edition I Click Here To Watch
Sep 17, 2016 Touching Strangers Hands On The Escalator I Prank In India I Click Here To Watch
Oct 2, 2014 Would You Marry A Non-Virgin ? I Indian Edition I Click Here To Watch
Jan 2, 2015 Delhi Shocking Reaction On CONDOM I PRANK I Click Here To Watch
Aug 27, 2016 DU Students Watches 360 Porn First Time : Hilarious Reactions Click Here To Watch
Jan 17, 2015 What DELHI GIRLS Want From Boys +18 I Hilarious Answers I Click Here To Watch
Feb 20, 2015 Asking Girls For SEX In Public I Delhi I 18+ Click Here To Watch
Mar 31, 2015 MILLIONAIRE OR GOOD IN BED I What Girls Want I ? Click Here To Watch
Jun 9, 2016 GOLD DIGGER PRANK GONE HORRIBLY WRONG : Girl Got Slapped ! Click Here To Watch
Sep 10, 2016 Girl Slapping and Harassing A Guy In Public I Social Experiment I Click Here To Watch

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