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Sahibnoor Singh (Born on April 18,1996) is a famous model and viner lives in Dehradun, presently he shifted to Delhi. Sahibnoor is well known for his funny and meaningful videos. He stays updated on social media and responds to his fan regularly. His vines are available on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Singh personally interacts with his fans on Snapchat and posts on instagram.


Sahibnoor Singh

Name Sahibnoor Singh
Ethnicity Indian
Occupation Model, Viner, YouTuber
Years active 2016-Present
Genres Comedy, Social
Facebook Sahibnoor Singh
Instagram Sahibnoor Singh
Youtube Sahibnoor Singh

Personal Life

Sahibnoor has immense love for acting, dancing and exploring new places. He was doing BBA due to some unknown reasons he switched to Mass Communication. He has often said about life that it wasn’t too easy but hard, work is the only key to unlock the door of success. He truly believes in never giving up and improving day by day with time. He also quotes, it’s not about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you get it and you still keep going.


Singh was in the Top 5 finalist of Mr. India. His dream of working in Punjabi movies and Punjabi songs developed an interest in entertaining people. To build a bright career with fame and success, he started making vines. His first vine came in 2016 named, when someone calls you uncle. Although, he came up with a new vine named as Bestfriend Vs Girlfriend, which was a huge hit. This vine made Singh popular and his vines started ruling the top videos. Throughout the journey his parents was a big support behind the success.


Instagram has given Sahibnoor a great platform to post his vines and stay in direct connect with his fans all over. He has made around 172 posts in his account. This popular viner has more than 56.600 followers . All his videos are posted in the instagram account. After sharing such funny and meaningful videos, Sahibnoor earned tremendous growth and vast followers steadily.

Popular Videos

  • Besfriend Vs Girlfriend
  • That fukra friend
  • Apne ko ni tension baap ki ari pension
  • Shayari with Aunty Gormint
  • Truth of life
  • Music is a life saver

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