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Tahan Lew (born on 14th April 1989), is an Australian model and actress from Darwin who lives in Melbourne. She has done her schooling from Darwin and then moved to Melbourne. Tahan started her career as a model and joined model & talent agency of England named Silhouette Models. Tahan shot to fame when she was elected to appear on Australia’s very own ‘Big Brother’. Having endured the entire season, falling short to eventual winner Tim Dormer, Tahan endeared herself into national (and overseas) audience. She survived total 9 evictions and registered the record of most saved housemate in the history of Big Brother (Australia). With a multi – cultural background including Malaysian and Aboriginal heritage, and an infectious personality, Tahan has established herself as a media celebrity appealing to a variety of brands. She has modelled for many brands including Victoria’s Secret, Tigermist, Zoo Magazine and Ralph Magazine. Tahan was also seen in a Punjabi music videos like SUICIDE, One Dream , Bewafa and Heer Meri with very famous Punjabi singers Sukhe, Babbal Rai, Pav Dharia and music composer Preet Hundal.


Tahan Lew

Name Tahan Lew Fatt
Affiliation Australia
Occupation Model, Actress
Years active 2013–present
Instagram tahny89
Snapchat Tahny89
Facebook TahanLew

Personal Life

Tahan was born to Michael Lew Fatt & Linda Smith and she lives in Melbourne, Australia. She is in relationship with David Reynolds who drives the #9 Holden VF Commodore for Erebus Motorsport in the V8 Supercars Championship. Tahan & Reynolds were in news when Reynolds was fined $25,000 for calling a female team the 'p***y wagon'. Tahan defended boyfriend David Reynolds for his sexist remarks and supported him posting on her Facebook saying 'he made an off handed comment that wasn't even mean' and he is 'furthest from sexist' because he cooks her breakfast and dinner every day and cleans.


Big Brother

Tahan Lew-Fatt, aged 24, entered the Halfway House on Day 0 and was the third housemate to enter on Launch night. The same day, Tahan decided to cross the divide. As a result, she had to return all her clothes to Big Brother where they were kept until Day 3. Tahan moved into the Safe House on Day 9 having survived nominations but returned to the Halfway House on Day 16 after being nominated by her fellow housemates, this time with 12 nomination points. She was saved from eviction on Day 22 receiving 16% of the vote.

Tahan was nominated again in Week 4. She survived the eviction with 13% of the public vote. Tahan was nominated again in Week 5 however she survived the eviction again with 12.4% of the vote. Tahan was again nominated in Week 6 but she was safe again with 17% of the vote and she was the third highest saved nominee. She was put up again in Week 7 in a fake double eviction where she received 20.8% of the vote second only to Ben who was the fake evictee. Tahan was again nominated in week 8 against Tully and Katey & Lucy. She was safe again receiving 34% of the vote while Tully was evicted.

She won Day 59's Showdown after losing to Tim in a previous Showdown, beating Jade in the final. She saved herself and Ben from Eviction

In week 10 Tahan was nominated along with Ben, Drew, Ed and Tim and faced eviction again. She received a whopping 32.1% of the public vote doubling everyone else's save percentages while Ben was evicted. On Day 74 Tahan was again nominated along Mikkayla and Boog and faced eviction. Tahan was saved from eviction with 48.3% of the public vote while her rival Mikkayla was evicted. On Day 81 Tahan survived nominations with 4 points (all came from Jade). This is the first time since the first round of nominations that Tahan hasn't been nominated for eviction by other housemates. On Day 99, Tahan survived the Double Eviction and earned herself a place in the 2013 Big Brother Finale. On Day 101 Tahan was crowned the second runner up for Big Brother 2013 after receiving 30% of the votes to win placing 3rd. She received $5000 from one of the shows sponsors, Ambi Pur.

Tahan was known as the survivor in the house as she survived so many evictions. Tahan is the most saved housemates in the history of Big Brother Australia after surviving a total of nine evictions (six are consecutive). Tahan was also well known for her long running feud with Katie and Lucy which began immediately after the sisters entered the house right through till they were evicted. Tahan even said in the diary room following their eviction that she has finally beat them and won the feud.


Victoria’s Secret

Tahan Lew hosted her own Victoria's Secret themed party on the night of 3rd May 2014 in Melbourne and dressed to impress in racy lingerie and feathery angel wings. She showed off her toned body in a Vee Love Couture cream bra and matching briefs and in true Victoria's Secret Angel style, donned a pair of extravagant black wings with a tribal feather finish.

Tiger Mist

The Big Brother buddies (Tully Smyth and Tahan Lew) showed off their enviable figures in a range of different outfits during the shoot for clothing label Tiger Mist.

Zoo Magazine

Tahan stripped down to a raunchy black bikini set in a greasy garage holding heavy tools for Zoo Magazine. The shoot promoted the Bathurst 1000 V8 Supercars. Additionally to the magazine spread, a behind the scenes video captures an intimate glimpse of Lew-Fatt as the minute-and-a-half clip is complete with slow motion video and instrumental background tunes.

Music Videos

Year Music Video Watch
2016 Sukhe SUICIDE Full Video Song I T-Series I New Songs 2016 I Jaani I B Praak Click Here To Watch
2015 One Dream - Babbal Rai & Preet Hundal Click Here To Watch
2015 ARZOO - RUSTAM MIRZA - Official Video - Pav Dharia Click Here To Watch
2014 Heer Meri - Dheera Chatha Feat Pav Dharia Click Here To Watch
2013 Bewafa Full Song - Pav Dharia Click Here To Watch


Tahan Lew - Justin Bieber

The former Big Brother Australia contestant made headlines in December 2013 when she allegedly made Justin 70 minutes late for his Melbourne concert. According to reports, their Facetime call took place at the same time as the concert, but Tahan denied the claims. 'I spoke to him earlier in the day, prior to the show,' she told NT News at the time. 'I don't know why he was late.' said Tahan. Their call came about after Justin apparently asked a mutual friend to connect them. 'I'm friends with his official DJ Tay (James), I met him in New York last year,' she said. 'Tay was like "oh yeah Justin wants to talk to you,"' she said.

Tahan Lew - Victim of domestic violence

Former Big Brother star Tahan Lew-Fatt has revealed to Daily Mail Australia she was previously involved in an abusive relationship. Tahan, who is now dating racing driver David Reynolds, opened up about her experience after Mark Latham's appearance on Weekend Sunrise, in which he reiterated his opinion that domestic violence can be a coping mechanism for men.

'[A] previous relationship [of mine] was abusive so I have first hand knowledge of what it's like to be in that kind of relationship,' Lew-Fatt told DMA before revealing she agreed with some of the points Latham made on air. 'Even though I did not condone what happened during that part of my life... after counselling sessions there are bigger issues and I understood it more,' she explained. 'Lucky I got out when I did, but even though it wasn't healthy, there was still love and respect, just underlying issues that needed to be dealt with.' 'So what Mark Latham said [regarding] coping mechanism, I kind of understand where he is coming from. Like whether we [like] it or not [it] has some fact behind it,' she added. Lew-Fatt's statement comes after she took to Twitter to support Latham after he said on air: 'You can only go by the official statistics rather than left wing feminist hysteria.'

Tahan Lew - Skin needling photo

Taking to Instagram , the brunette shared a photo of herself during a skin needling session aimed to eliminate stretch marks on her bottom. Laying on a white bench, she was seen staring into the camera while appearing a little anxious as the procedure takes place. Wearing just a white robe, her bare behind is visible, with the treatment well underway. Her Facebook post reads "Getting Skin Needling on my stretch marks on the side of my bum at Kymberley Dench - Cosmetic Nurse Its not that painful but its a few session through and noticing an amazing difference!! #WatchThisSpace for a video blog on my before and after shots and the after care etc etc it will be insightful to those wanting to try this treatment ... Will also be showing you what it looks like on the face!! Stay Tuned :) Xx"

Tahan Lew - Topless Photoshoot

Tahan displays her enviable physique in a black and white shot taken by photographer Peter Coulson as she goes topless while getting her makeup done. She reveals a glimpse of underboob in a rather artsy shot and her dark tresses fall effortlessly over her shoulders. Tahan proudly shared the image on her Instagram page, captioning the shot: 'Sometimes the best pictures are the ones we don't know are happening.'.

Tahan Lew - David Reynolds - Pu**y Wagon

Reynolds made headlines around the country when he used the derogatory term towards the all-women pairing of Renee Gracie and Simona de Silvestro in the Great Race. The 30-year-old was fined $25,000 for the inappropriate remark, and Tahan has spoken out in defence of her beau. “Ok so whoever has seen the news re my gorgeous ‘apparently sexist’ boyfriend David Reynolds he made an off handed comment that wasn’t even mean!!” Lew-Fatt claimed on Facebook. Lew-Fatt went as far as to suggest people should donate money to help Reynolds pay off his hefty debt, and that he had requested the money be donated to a women’s empowerment charity.

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